ACT writing directions

ACT writing is a test in the form of an essay. Students must cope with it in a limited time. In the article, you will get to know how to do it.

Tips for an ACT writing


Don’t leave this stage out if you want to succeed in writing. Study the prompts before writing. Collect your thoughts before writing. Choose the direction of writing you understand best.


Use different proofs to establish another perspective. You can use either your personal experience or statistics. For this purpose, use your algebra knowledge or try algebra help with The most effective way is to rely on historical facts or current events.

Giving another point of view

You can write an ACT essay in different ways. It doesn’t mean that you should support the given idea. But if you disagree with it, find important arguments.

Follow the standard

Your essay must be logical. It should consist of the introduction, the main part and the conclusion. Think about the logical connection between the parts.

Writing the beginning

Introductory words are very important to take the reader’s attention. You can leave some space if you don’t have any ideas on how to start, but don’t forget to complete it. This part must be easy to understand.

Writing the main part

The first sentence of the main part should expose the main idea of the paragraph. In the main part, you must state counterarguments to your own arguments before. You should give proofs to the given perspective to be logical. Go back to the thesis to explain a contrary point of view.

Writing the ending

To make it complete, state the thesis statement in other words. Don’t add anything new, just sum up everything you write in the main part.

Checking out

Look through your essay and check it on mistakes. Use simple sentences and comprehensible vocabulary.

Useful hints about an ACT writing

Giving ideas. Try to state an argument that comprises several points on the topic. It should imply a deep analysis.

Proofs and context. Giving proofs, stating ideas and supporting them are important parts of a good writer. You should stress your argument by deep speculations on the topic.

Structure. Your essay should be well-organized. The structure must be coherent. Use different logical connections to tie up the paragraphs.

Vocabulary. Choose a suitable vocabulary for writing. The syntax must clear and various. Avoid making mistakes of different kinds.

Rules of writing

  1. Give only significant ideas.
  2. Check the parts.
  3. Use logical connections in paragraphs.
  4. Use the examples on the topic.
  5. Use comprehensive words.

Tips for preparation

  • Look up the essay prompts on the internet.
  • Get proofs from different sources
  • Ask your teacher to state your disadvantages in writing
  • Take your time, you have only 40 minutes at the exam
  • Be calm and self-reliant

These tips can give a great push to success.